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"The Engineer's Engineering Team™"


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About Precision Die Cutting, Inc.

Precision Die Cutting, Inc., (also known as PDC) became an Oregon corporation on July 27, 1982, with a journeyman Toolmaker’s dream and a hand-operated press. 

Since then, Precision Die Cutting, Inc. has grown to three highly specialized yet absolutely coordinated departments:  Tooling, Die Cutting, and Screen Printing.  While holding the tight tolerance requirements of our customers and building complex tools, screen printing with precious metals and die cutting elaborate shapes in hard to find materials, our mission remains the same:  

To deliver to our customers: 

“100% quality parts on-time every-time.” 

The expansion to our full compliment of tooling, die cutting and screen printing equipment has proven to be a customer driven priority.  Specifically, our customer’s needs motivate the direction of our continuing growth.  We take pride in our statement that: 

“PDC is the Engineers Engineering Team™”. 

This “can-do” feeling radiates from Precision Die Cutting, Inc.’s staff.  Dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable describes every PDC employee.  We take pride in manufacturing your parts when no other company can or will.  Our people, prices, delivery, and quality are the foundation of our success and our customers!

 ISO 9001:2000 certification on April 27, 1999 is our proof!





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