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Precision Die Cutting, Inc. is your ISO 9000 "One Stop" fabricator converter. Now, you donít have to seek out several vendors to complete your project. Precision Die Cutting, Inc., provides complete services for the success of your engineering specifications and with over 24 years in the industry, Precision Die Cutting, Inc. continues to be the quality leader for all your custom parts.  Let our custom tooling, die cutting, routing, screen printing, and laminating departments work together to provide you with a competitive quote and quality custom projects.

Industries and Products

Precision Die Cutting, Inc. offers full service capabilities for many engineering projects.  Some market segments include:

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Advertising
  • Pharmaceutical

Our die cutting capabilities range from 140Ėinch large displays to close tolerance miniature parts.

Our tooling services offer the latest state-of-the art equipment used by our highly skilled journeymen and allows us to maintain strict quality control.

Our printing capabilities range from 12-foot large format screen print graphics to small parts pad printing.

We can produce your custom embossed overlays, membrane switches, labels, lenses, EMI/RFI shielding, insulators, industrial gaskets, filters, foil parts and much more!


    Custom Tooling

  Our state of the art equipment and skilled journeyman will work with you to complete your projects.


Die Cutting

  Our die cutting equipment and skilled journeymen will make sure your specialty project is completed on time to your exact specifications!

We value teamwork!

You can count on Precision Die Cutting, Inc.ís customer service department to make recommendations for optimal materials and processes that will best suit your applications and will simply save you unnecessary expense.

Our engineering team will work closely with your Project Manager to insure the most optimal and efficient production method to produce your custom product.

From beginning to end, Precision Die Cutting, Inc. can produce your custom projects!



  Our state of the art printing facilities and expertise can manage a wide variety of custom printing projects.


Need a Quote Now?

Click the link below and complete our Request for Quote sheet and fax it to us!  We'll promptly respond with a quote for your project!

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If you prefer to speak directly with one of our customer service representatives, you may contact us by phone at 1-503-685-9130 during our regular business hours and we'll be glad to assist you!




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